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HOA Programs

Addresses of Distinction's neighborhood mailbox replacement or community street sign installation services are a turn-key system that makes these project simple and worry free for HOAs and Property Managers.

Over time cheaper mailboxes either rust or rot and begin to hurt the curb appeal and subsequently the value of the entire community. We are able to offer you:catalog-guide-request-button.jpg

  • Insured and Professional Installation Staff
  • Service Before and After the Sale
  • Ability to Complete Custom Projects
  • References Available Upon Request
We offer two separate programs to make mailbox management simple for HOA's and Property Management Companies. They are as follows:
  • Full Mailbox / Signage Replacement Projects - Designed for communities looking to entirely change the mailboxes or signage in their community in a single or phased project.
  • Support existing mailboxes - Not interested in a full replacement? We are a dependable company where you can refer home owners. Let us tell you if we can match your existing mailboxes.

Benefits of Program

  1. Higher Value - Aluminum mailboxes have a much longer life-cycle than steel and wooden mailboxes because they will never rust or rot.
  2. Enhance your curb appeal - We help you maintain a uniform appearance of your community and increase the quality of your residential mailboxes.
  3. Reliable - Professional, insured staff committed to the delivery of a quality product in a timely manner.
  4. Long Lasting - Buying a mailbox is an investment. Real Estate agents agree that standardizing a community's mailboxes can increase the value of the homes by thousands of dollars!
  5. Community Discount Program - We offer solutions and discounts to help your residents. Our Community Mailbox Programs are very helpful and popular with Homeowner Associations HOA's.

Call us today for more informaiton about how we can simplify your HOA's neighborhood mailbox replacement or community street sign installation project. You may reach our sales office at (800) 436-1647. They will be able to guide you through the process and help you make the most educated decision for your community.


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